Underrated Tourist Places in India

There are always underrated places in every country. India is no exception to this. Whenever people think of India, they think of Taj Mahal or Goa. But there is so much more to India than these places. It’s a huge country with different temperatures and topographies. Apart from the popular destinations there are always the […]

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Indian Food You Must Try While Visiting India

India is a land of diverse culture and traditions. There are more than 100 communities in India. All these communities have their own set of traditional food. There are a variety in both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian cuisine. But among such a large variety there are some which have become popular around the world. But there […]

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10 Super Useful Travel Hacks for India

India is a land of options so you will never go out of any. If there are 7-star hotels, then there are cozy home stays too. How you want to make your travel experience worth every penny depends largely on you. This country has a unique approach to foreigners. It has everything from dirt and […]

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10 Myths About Travelling in India

India and myths go hand in hand. For, so long India has been in the map of misconceptions especially for travelers. Still people who visit this country come with a set thinking of being robbed, mugged or burnt. It is essential that such thinking or myths are broken. India is a beautiful country with diverse […]

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10 Must Have Travel Items for India

Packing for traveling to far away destinations are a tough task. There’s always something that you remember while boarding your flight or train. Getting the right things to be carried in an unknown land is essential. Nobody knows whether one will get those in the coveted destination or not. Though, these days most of the […]

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