India and myths go hand in hand. For, so long India has been in the map of misconceptions especially for travelers. Still people who visit this country come with a set thinking of being robbed, mugged or burnt. It is essential that such thinking or myths are broken. India is a beautiful country with diverse culture and topographies which should be experienced. It is a beautiful place to travel and meet some amazing people. Yet there are myths which scare off people from around the world just at the thought of visiting this place. Here are 10 myths about travelling in India that needs to be busted.

“India is not a safe place to travel”

The perception of safety depends on what kind of traveler an Individual is. India is one the friendliest places in the world for tourists. But how dangerous this country is depends on how dangerous you make it. Coming in this country with an open mind is the best option. Moreover, taking a few safety measures can always be an added advantage as a traveler.

“It’s a crowded place”

Well, a country with second largest population has a lot of people. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t have your share of solace. It is large enough to accommodate all kinds of people and with every bit of peace. You just have to find your escapade. The beauty of a country lies in its people and ethnicity. A country devoid of people is no fun travelling.

“The food can make you sick”

Street foods are never good unless you are used to it. Even the regular Indians get sick when they take street foods. So, it’s not about the food in general but the street food to be very precise. As a traveler opt for proper eateries and you can be rest assured that being sick won’t be a part of your travel experience. The food here is heavier and thus takes a lot to digest it. But there is a variety in India’s cuisine too. From light to heavy every other kind is available.

“You will be tricked or scammed”

Like every other country India too has its share of fraudsters. But with a bit of caution and intelligence you can avoid it. There’s no necessity to believe that every other person you meet here is a swindler. So, if somebody says something to you then verify its authenticity. The government as well as some organizations here always makes sure to come to the rescue of the tourists.

“It’s always hot in India”

Travelling in the month of April to June can be difficult because it’s summer there. Else, winters and monsoon seasons are very pleasant. Even springs are a favorable time to travel to India. But if still summer suits your need then, try going to places such as a Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Sikkim. The climate here tends to be salubrious all the year round.

“It’s a land of Elephants and Snake-Charmers”

That was a long time ago precisely 100 years ago. People here love their Elephants and Snake Charmers are in scarce. So, this thought is a myth that needs to be done with now. It is a developing nation that has everything from high-tech urban life to traditional rural life. So, what you want to see here depends on your choice and search. But, this is for sure that it’s no more the land of Elephants and Snake Charmers.

“The only thing to visit here is Taj Mahal”

Definitely a must-visit place when in India but not the “only” for sure. A country with huge diversity in race, culture and ethnicity. There is no dearth of places to visit here. From the blistering Thar, gorgeous beaches, luscious greenery to the Majestic Himalayas. It’s a potpourri of places that makes it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the world. People here are proud of their Taj Mahal but there are other things that should be in your must-visit list in India.

“It’s difficult to communicate here”

English is not the main language in India. There are around 880 languages in India. 780 are registered 100 of those are unregistered language. With, 29 major languages spoken by about 1.2 billon population. India still has the largest population that speaks English in compared to the other Non-English-speaking countries. When in India you might not find your preferred language but with a distorted English or fluent at times you will find your way. Having said that as a traveler learning some courtesy words before going to any country tends to be helpful.

“Travelling in India is expensive”

It is a common thought that India is an expensive place but that’s not true at all. The living cost of this country is pretty balanced in compared to the other developing or developed nations. But expensive or not will depend on the lifestyle you choose. India has 7 star posh hotels to humble dharamshalas. You can even dine in high-end restaurants or choose the ever-so-satisfying food in the Dhabas. The cost largely varies on the way you choose to enjoy this huge country. Transportation here is the cheapest, with train-fares and buses being cheap and diverse connectivity there is no need of spending lavishly.

“It’s lonely in India”

That’s the last thing that can happen here. People here are super friendly and love entertaining tourists. There’s no lack of company here if you seek so. The attitude of helping others and especially guests are a culture here. Though there are exceptions but it’s not right to judge anything based on the finding of a few people. Indians are very good in making friends and can turn out to be a great company.

So, next time when you think of travelling to India don’t pay heed to the myths. This beautiful country has so much to offer and myths are definitely not one of them. Happy Travelling!