There are always underrated places in every country. India is no exception to this. Whenever people think of India, they think of Taj Mahal or Goa. But there is so much more to India than these places. It’s a huge country with different temperatures and topographies. Apart from the popular destinations there are always the ones that have no dearth of beauty. Here are some Underrated tourist places in India that one should visit.


This Union Territory lies in the South Western Part of India. This Island in the Indian Ocean is still pretty unexplored. There are only two ways to reach this place. One is by a flight from Cochin and another by a ferry. A permit is important to be secured to go there. But all these are worth it for the beauty that this place offers. The scintillating blue waters and still under-explored regions make it a perfect destination.

Kass Plateau

Also known as the valley of flowers in Maharashtra. The place has a unique beauty which is witnessed in the month of August. The whole valley is ravished with a variety of flowers. It is declared as a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESO owing to this phenomenon. This small Plateau in Satara Maharashtra is still waiting to be explored by the tourists. The beauty of this place can be a treat to the beholder’s eye.

Auli, Uttarakhand

There are numerous destinations in India that boasts snowfall. Places such as Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir are closely associated with this belief. But there is another state in India that is no less scenic than J&K and Himachal Pradesh. Uttarakhand is a beautiful Himalayan state that has every bit of beauty. But if you want to experience snow and skiing together, then Auli should be in your list. This underrated place is often ignored over places such as Manali and Gulmarg. This quaint place has the highest artificial lake in the world. It also holds the annual National Snow Skiing competition every year.

Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

The North Eastern part of India houses this beautiful and charming place. The scenic beauty of this place is yet to be explored by the tourists. Every year this place houses the Ziro Music Festival attracting music lovers from all over India. If solace is what you need, then Ziro is the place for you.

Spiti Valley

Often trekkers prefer to tread this place. But this place is yet to pull the tourist crowd. The road to this place leads to the Glacial Lake of Chandratal which is no less than a paradise. Tent under the open sky at night and enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Milkyway. The Buddhist culture and monasteries in Spiti Valley are very popular. Apart from the salubrious climate the purple hues of the mountain is one of its appeal. The best time to visit this picturesque destination is during the summers.


Often people who get bored off Goa visit this less explored beach destination in Karnataka. The beaches here are still pristine and the atmosphere is relaxed and slow. The shacks in the beach offer some mouth-watering food. You can also take a trip to the town and enjoy its simplicity.

Tadoba, Maharashtra

This place is mainly known for its national Park and Tiger Reserve. Tadoba is blessed with wildlife and is still unexplored. The flora and fauna of the region offers some best wildlife experiences in India. If your India Trip includes some mesmerizing wildlife visits, then nothing can beat Tadoba. Take a safari to the jungle tracks and bask in the aroma of nature.

Chambal, Uttar Pardesh

The place is made popular with the stories of dacoits and bandits. But these stories are old enough to be forgotten. The place is now quiet and wants people to attend to its beauty. It’s rich in flora and fauna and houses more than 500 varieties of birds, mammals and reptiles. The Gharial (a small crocodile) Wildlife Sanctuary is one of its attractions. You can also see the Ganges river dolphin which is an endangered species. The red crowned roof turtle is another species that can be found here.

Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Not many people are aware of this small cultural town in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. The place was founded and formed by The Tagore family (See Rabindranath Tagore). The place revolves around the Biswabharati University and its cultural confluence. The best time to visit this place is in the winters. The popular cultural fairs and festivals are held around this time. You can get the taste of tribal ethnicity in Shatiniketan and enjoy the Baul Music and culture. The Place has a varied aspect and is perfect for your intellectual comfort.

Majuli, Assam

Its Asia’s largest River Island. Every year a huge flock of migratory birds come here during the winters. The place is culturally and traditionally sound. The food and handicrafts in this place can be a treat for the visitor. The old-world charm of this place is something that makes it different. It is still largely unexplored. Owing to fast soil erosion the island might not be the same in the coming years. So, visit this place before it actually perishes into the mighty Brahmaputra.

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh

This underrated historic place in Madhya Pradesh is yet to be explored. The place is a hub of tombs, monuments, mosques and palaces dating back to Afghan rule in India. The lush greenery surrounding the plateau region makes this place even more beautiful. Most of the sites here are marked as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

Situated in the North Eastern Part of India this is another least visited place. The village here is declared to be the cleanliest village in Asia. Apart from scenic beauty and cold weather the place houses the Living Root Bridge. The eco-friendly lifestyle of the people here is something to be learned.

These places are unique and special for some reason and needs to be visited more often when in India. Happy Travelling!