India is a land of diverse culture and traditions. There are more than 100 communities in India. All these communities have their own set of traditional food. There are a variety in both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian cuisine. But among such a large variety there are some which have become popular around the world. But there is always a charm in tasting food that is authentic to a particular country. If you are a food enthusiast for whom food culture is a part of their travelling, then you are in the right place. Let’s take you to a tour of some Indian food you must try while visiting India.

Masala Chai

Nothing beats the frenzy of a Masala Chai. It’s a tea wrapped in sugar, milk, cardamom, ginger and clove. People in India love their Chai. The quintessential cup of tea or a glass of tea is available in every nook and cranny in India. A hot cup of Chai can definitely be your introduction to the fascinating world of Indian taste bud.

Filter Coffee

If rest of the India is head-over-heels for their Chai then South India is passionate about their filter coffee. The dark coffee is one of the important productions of Southern India. Served in a stainless steel tumbler the dark coffee is infused with milk for scintillating taste.

Indian Breads

Indians make different varieties of flat breads from smoky Tandoori to the Plain Roti. There is a huge variation of breads that you should try in India. Parathas (available in unending stuffing), Naan, Kulcha, Puri, Chappati and many more are available in plenty. Every state has their version of breads.


Never say anything bad about biriyani in India. It is one of those Mughal preparations that have come down as a unique delectable to generations. Different parts of the country have their way of making biriyani which is equally awesome. Slow cooked with rice and meat and filled with flavors. This dish is pretty, wholesome and finger-licking-good.

Masala Dosa

One of the best breakfast dishes to try in India. It’s a vegetarian’s delight and is very healthy. Made with fermented Lentils this flat and rolled crunchy dish is accompanied with mashed potatoes, Sambar (sour lentil curry) and coconut chutney. South Indian’s love it and rest of the India loves it even more.

Paav Bhaji

It’s the queen of street foods in India. Mainly a local cuisine of Maharashtra but has made an impression among the legacy of street foods in India. The Bhaji or veg preparation is mashed and prepared with lots of spices. The Pav (bread) is lightly toasted in butter and served hot. The combination is heavenly and can make your mouth go crazy with flavors.

Gol-Gappa or Pani-Puri

These are two of just many names that are given to this adored snack in India. These small round balls made with semolina and flour are a quickest to and fro ticket to heavenly experience. The balls are stuffed with mashed potatoes and dry spices and soaked in tamarind water. An instant pop-in to the mouth with all these together is sure to make your taste buds go wild.


It is one of the most loved snacks in India. This triangular-shaped snack is filled with potato, peas and onion stuffing. But this traditional snack has taken shapes in different versions with time.

Aachaar (Pickle)

Not the regular kind of pickle that you find anywhere in the world. These taste ticklers are very popular as a food accompaniment. Indians make pickle with every available fruit or vegetable. From garlic, berries, chilies, mango and many more there are a huge variety of these available.

Paneer Masala

Paneer is a vegetarian’s substitute to meat. Also known as cottage cheese the paneer has a huge significance in the Indian food culture. Like any other dish every other community have their version of cooked paneer. But a masala paneer is always a safe and the best way to experience it. You can accompany it with any kind of bread or rice and feel the softness unfold.

Chicken Tandoori

A highly publicized dish that has become hugely popular around the world. You might be familiar to the tandoored version of chicken. But try this authentic dish in its place of origin and be amazed. The traditional way of cooking tandoori chicken is what gives it the unique flavor.

Chindian Cuisine

Indians love Chinese but not its original version. Indians have a beautiful representation of Chinese delicacies with an Indian Twist. From Hakka Chowmien, Chilli Chicken to Veg Manchurian and Fried Rice. Indians vouch by this Chindian food.

Chole Bhature

Chole or Chikpeas and Bhature large Fluffy bread. The chickpeas prepared for this dish is usually spicy and fills the nostrils with its strong aroma. This dish is wholesome and is eaten as a breakfast in North India.


Rice is a staple food in India. People of all community take rice as their daily meal. The pulao is a more decorated version of the simple rice. Slow cooked with lots of veggies and is served with a variety of side dishes.


Though around just 10% of Indian population prefer having fish but it is loved dearly by some communities. The Bengalis, Konkanese, Malayalis, Oriya and Assamese love fish and have it as their staple dish. There are a variety of fish available which are cooked in different way by different communities.

Jalebi and Rabdi

Coming down to the deserts. There are many of these but Jalebi and Rabdi are definitely the winners. Jalebi the spiral-shaped sweet is made with fermented lentils or flour and deep fried to golden. The crisp fry is then soaked in sugary syrup. Rabdi on the other hand is slow cooked. The layers formed while cooking is served together with spices and nuts. The best way to experience these two is by having them together.

These are just a handful options among the variety of food that is available in India. India’s food is diverse, full of flavors and gorgeous.