India is a land of options so you will never go out of any. If there are 7-star hotels, then there are cozy home stays too. How you want to make your travel experience worth every penny depends largely on you. This country has a unique approach to foreigners. It has everything from dirt and crowd to clean and serenity. You just have to find your purpose. There is no straightjacket guide to travelling in India. There are dos and don’ts but things are desperately changing. The ideologies towards foreigners in the cities are not similar to that of the small towns or villages. So, the best way to deal with India’s dichotomy as a traveler is to gather some hacks that might be helpful. So, here are 10 super useful travel hacks for India.

Carry cash

Though the Indian Government is urging and trying to make India cashless. But with a country of 1.2 billion people there’s still a long path to be covered. If you want to shop from street vendors or have street foods (which is in plenty) then cash is a must. Cards will work well in restaurants and hotels but not everywhere. You will have ATMs mostly everywhere so be a bit calculative. Carry some and dispense some more whenever necessary.

Prefer small eateries than roadside stalls

If you don’t want to get sick while travelling in India then avoid food from roadside stalls. They might look tempting but your stomach might not be accustomed to it. You will find small and cheap eateries that also serve same kind of food. Still if you think that you can take it then street foods are the best.

Guest houses over hotels

Is your trip to India a month-long? Then guest houses are cheap and perfect. Guest houses are comfortable and are not very crowded in comparison to the hotels. You will get proper service and it is more of a viable option. Not many travelers opt for guest houses thinking it to be a murky choice. But the truth is totally different.

Get a water filter instead

Though most of the tourists or travelers coming to India get bottled water. But apart from some trusted brands such as Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina and others most of the non-popular brands aren’t trust-worthy. So, the best way to counter this problem is by getting a bottle water filter instead. This will not only save you from shelling-out money for bottled water. But at the same time will make your travelling lighter. There are numerous such water filter options available in the market. Get one of those and stay free from the worry of getting affected by a stomach bug.

Take light-colored clothes but not white

In India you will sweat a lot and the weather is usually on the higher side. The best option to stay cool is by taking loose, cotton-made and light-colored clothing. But whites are not preferable. As white will become dirty in probably one single wear. So, better avoid whites or wash it right after using it.

Trains are the best option in India

India is highly connected with both flights and trains. But flights are costly and travelling in trains are the cheapest. You can travel to the remote of places by train and the journey is sure to be an experience. These days booking train tickets in India are also an easy job as they are available online. But remember that there’s always a rush in train. So, whenever you plan your India trip and itinerary. Be outright to book your tickets. This will save you the hassle of Tatkal reservations (urgent reservation the day before the travel).

Bargaining is a great option

The moment a vendor or, a shopkeeper sees a foreigner In India the prices of the goods increases. This is something that has been happening since like forever. With, a huge influx of tourists in India every year it is a paradise for shopkeepers. Whenever as a traveler you come to India and try buying something, bargain. It’s very important especially from the street vendors. They make it a point to charge you more or rather double at times triple than the price offered to the locals. Don’t feel ashamed that’s how it’s done and it is fun too. Let the bargaining rush feel your senses like it does to the rest of the India.

India is a paradise for vegetarian food

Nowhere in the world will you find the variety in Veg cuisine like in India. Every part of this country has different kinds and versions of Veg delicacy which are mouth-watering. There is both variety of spicy and non-spicy food. Always make it a point to mention the variation of spices as per your need. The Veg dishes are delectable, rich, Cheap and it is widely available in every nook and cranny of the country.

Befriend a local

The best way to know and experience India is with the help of the locals. Make a local friend wherever you stay. Indians are very friendly people and are always ready to help. You will get to know the best food joints, shops and places to visit with their help. At times in an emergency they can also turn out to be your savior. Learning some local catch phrases and courtesy can be a bonus to this friendship.

State transport buses are best for intercity visits

Buses connect all the corners of India. If you fail to get a seat booked in the train, then take a bus. But make sure it’s a state transport bus. These buses are convenient and cheap. Apart from the low fare and connectivity the buses are always on-time. Moreover, the frequency offered by these buses set the right tone to travel in India.

Travelling in India can be an experience of a lifetime. And with these hacks nothing can stop you from enjoying this country to its fullest.