India has a beautiful coastline lined up on its three sides. Each of these coastlines has numerous beaches. From white sandy beaches to rocky shores India rests in some beautiful beaches. With, three different water bodies these beaches attract tourists from all over the world. But some of them have been tramped so much that it’s losing the charm with time. Still, there are some beaches which are pristine and unexplored. These are yet to attract tourists and can be a paradise for people who want solace. Here are some unspoiled beaches in India that are worth visiting.

Butterfly Beach

Situated in Goa, this is a secluded beach. The beach gets its name from the huge population of butterfly available here. The rocky landscape of the beach makes it inaccessible. The best way to reach there is by taking a ferry or boat. The calmness and serenity of the beach is the reward of getting here. It’s one of the best places for getting into a deep dive with solace and tranquility.

Tajpur beach

It’s a virgin beach in the coastline of the Bay of Bengal in West Bengal. The place is serene and is still to experience a crowd. You can enjoy every bit of nature here. Just a 4 hour drive from Kolkata and you will reach Tajpur. The beach is clean and has casuarinas trees lined up the shore from one end to another. The clean shore is home to thousands of red crabs which is a scene to behold. The beach has a very few resorts and shacks to enjoy the charisma of the alluring Bay of Bengal.

Yarada Beach

Just a 15 km drive from Vishakapattanam and you will end up in this virgin beach in Andhra Pradesh. Swimming is highly recommended here. You can also enjoy the daily catch done by the fisherman. It is devoid of the touch of commercialization and thus still its appeal prevails. Also known as Golden beach its sun-kissed shore and titillating water makes it even more magnetic.

Ottinene Beach

Most people might not be aware about the existence of this beach. Situated in the secrecy of Udupi Karnataka it is surrounded by verdant greenery. The beach is clean, virgin and not at all explored. So, once there you won’t feel the insanity of the crowd. It will be just you and the quietness of the Arabian Sea.

Cherai Beach

This beach in Kerala is a virgin beach lover’s paradise. It is quietly tucked away from the crowd in a distance of 25 km from Kochi. It has everything from the sultry sun to satisfying sand. The water is clear and unspoiled. You can laze around and enjoy the coconut tree line shore and bask in the glory of nature.

Maple Beach

When talking about unspoiled beach nothing comes near to the beauty of Maple beach located in Karnataka. The crystallized basalt rock formation is a unique characteristic of this beach destination. The rock formations are a visual treat and can look surreal at times. The beach is yet to experience the tourist throng and is mesmerizing. Enjoy the breathtaking sunset here and feel closer to the nature like never before.

Astaranga Beach

Just 30 km away from the Konark Sun temple it is home to the endangered Olive Ridley Turtles. The beach has not a single touch of being spoilt from over-commercialization. Even the fishing community out here manages the sea shore and avoids any pollution. It is beautifully stationed in the Puri district of Orissa and famous for its spectacular sunset. You can take a walk down the beach and take pleasure in it calmness.

Kondura Beach

A small fishing hamlet in Maharashtra that poses serenity and calmness. It looks like something out of a postcard. You can take a hike to this beautiful beach destination and be amazed by its beauty. Fishing boats haphazardly lined up in the shoreline and cliffs overlooking the blistering blue Arabian Sea. It is a great destination for people who love clean and tidy beaches with a mix of solace.

Jallandhar Beach

The only thing that this beautiful beach in Diu has is untouched beauty. The beach is not only mesmerizing but can make you fall in love with it. It got its name from the nearby temple after the Demon Jalandhar. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are bleak clean. The place is yet to get the touch of tourism. The local culture and the sun kissed atmosphere can make a beach lover’s heart go gaga.

Kashid Beach

It’s one of the cleanliest beaches in Maharashtra. It is a great place to go relax and loosen up from the daily humdrums. It’s a Perfect weekend destination for people putting up in Mumbai and Pune. There are numerous water sports available for the tourist in this area. The white sandy beaches and sparkly water is a treat to eyes. The Janjira fort is a nearby tourist destination which is a must visit.

Radhanagar Beach

It is one of the best beaches in India. Located in Andaman and Nicobar islands this beach is one of the best unspoiled beaches in the World. The crystal water and the aqua green hue is its attraction. The beach is very popular among honeymoon couples who love to capture their love in the backdrop of its beauty. A great place to incarcerate some beautiful moments as the beach is perfect for photography.

Bangaram Beach

This unspoiled beach is located in Lakshadweep. It’s one of those beaches in the world that is still regarded to be a secret beach. Crowd is a distant dream out here as not many people are familiar with this place. Coral reefs and blue lagoons are its main attraction. One can also take deep sea diving and deep sea fishing in this pristine beach.

These beaches are regarded to some best unspoiled locations. Not many people are familiar about some beaches in the list. But a visit to any of these beaches is worth every penny.