Coorg or Kodagu is a hilly region situated in Karnataka. With, an average temperature of just 15 Degree Celsius it is a favored hill station in Karnataka. It is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Southern India and attracts thousands of tourists every year. Mostly, people in Southern Indian choose it as a weekend destination. A road trip from Bangaluru to Coorg is worth every penny and can be a traveler’s delight. But still a couple of days to Coorg and enjoying the mystic hills are a breathtaking experience. There are a variety of things to do in Coorg. Let’s get down knowing more about this Karnataka wonderland.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Get up close and personal with Elephants. The farm is known for Elephant training. Here you can get to bathe an elephant and learn a lot about them. It’s one of the unique experiences that can be treasured for a lifetime. The beauty of Dubare is untamed and is quietly nestled in the luscious forest. You can also enjoy a host of different activities in the backwaters of the hilly terrain. Activities such as fishing, rafting and trekking are a huge attraction in Dubare.

Camping Trip in Madikeri Hills

The best way to enjoy nature is by taking a trek and landing in a camp. The Madikeri Hills in Coorg is the best place to experience the proximity of nature. Take pleasure in the bonfire sessions among the forest of Devarakadu. The aroma of the coffee and cardamom plantations in the slopes of Coorg is an unforgettable experience. It’s a perfect setting provided by the nature to sit and enjoy its serenity and divinity at a time.

Take a drive to experience the sunset in Kabbe Hills

Just a 30 km drive from Madikeri and you will reach the enchanting Kabbe Hills. You will feel the drop of temperature as you proceed towards the way to Kabbe. Once there enjoy the surreal sunset and feel every ambience touch your body, mind and soul. But while driving to Kabbe hills don’t forget to have a glimpse of the Chelvara Waterfalls. There is a line of small villages that you will witness while your way to the Kabbe Hills. Enjoy the warm and friendly hospitality of the locals.

Calm your senses in the divinity of the Namdroling Monastery

Namdroling Monastery or Golden temple is the only Buddhist Monastery in Coorg. It is around 40km from Madikeri and is definitely worth a visit. The architecture and ambience of this monastery provides a great solace to the soul. The architecture and paintings in the monastery gives this place its nature. The main prayer hall has the statutes of Lord Buddha, Amitayus and Padmasambhava. Take some time to appreciate and feel the tranquility that this place offers.

A tour from Coorg to Mandalpatti

A perfect spot to take a nature lovers’ breathe away. A great place to enjoy and relax in the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer. You can take a jeep ride up the top of Mandalpatti also known as Market of the clouds. The view from the viewpoint is a sight to behold and will be etched in your memories. It’s a place that is a must visit when in Coorg.

Take jeep drive to the “Elephant Grasslands” of Bakkaer Hills

It’s another hill top in Coorg that should definitely be on the list. Getting to the top of the hill is an adventure. The uneven terrain leads to this beautiful panoramic view of the awe-inspiring landscape. It’s an ideal place to get lost among the virtues of nature. Don’t miss the amazing sunset here. It is an experience worth the mention. When the tired sun goes behind the mystic hills, the orange hues are sure to leave you overwhelmed.

Trek to Kopatty Hills

If you are an avid trekker then the Kopatty trek is a must in Coorg. The trail is one of the most beautiful trails in the whole of Karnataka. This wonderful trail leads to some mystic forests, lush pastures, muddy trails, careless brooks and plain lowlands. The view at the end of the trek is the compelling valley of Kopatty. A few more kms and you will reach to the top of Kopatty hills. These hills are beautifully tucked among the happiness of unspoiled nature.

Experience the Abbey Falls

When in Coorg don’t forget to visit the Abbey Falls. It takes around 8kms to reach Abbey falls from Madikeri. The waterfall looks magical during the monsoons. The river is full and flowing in the rain and thus it gives the best sight. It’s beautifully stationed among the spice and coffee plantations. The occasional aroma or the pepper climbers entwining with the water surfs looks surreal. A hanging bridge opposite the waterfall stands as the witness of its beauty.

A taste of the Coorgi Cuisine

Nothing ends a satisfying journey without food and Coorg cuisine intensifies it. The food here is different and tastes heavenly. Coorgi food specializes in the available variety of Non-veg cuisines. The meat preparations here are mouth-watering. Seldom are any external oil used to cook the meat. The meat fat is the main source of oil to cook the meat. Rice is the staple food here. Kachampuli a sauce is the common base that is used to make various dishes. Green chilies are preferred to red chilies so the food here is hot and spicy.

“Nooputtu”(string hoppers), Kadumbuttu or rice flour balls, Otti-baked pieces of rice and pulao a mixed veg or non-veg rice dish are a must try. Various Coorgi meat varieties are a specialty here. But if you are lucky enough to come in Coorg during April to August, then seasonal vegetable delicacies will be your treat. They use numerous local grown ingredients which enhances the local delicacies.

This place is a wonderful mixture of tradition and nature. Not just in its cuisine but the environment too here spells the magic of Coorg. Silently nestled in the Western Ghats it’s a nature Lover’s Paradise.