Packing for traveling to far away destinations are a tough task. There’s always something that you remember while boarding your flight or train. Getting the right things to be carried in an unknown land is essential. Nobody knows whether one will get those in the coveted destination or not. Though, these days most of the countries have things that are worth it yet there is no harm carrying some must-have. If you have this worry too while travelling to India then here is a detailed list of 10 must have travel items for India.

Some Essential Medicines

Medicines are a must while travelling to anywhere in the world and India is no exception. Most of the people coming to India might suffer from Delhi Belly. So, it’s better to carry some for this condition. Anti-Histamin, Paracetamol or Aspirin, Anti-allergic, Anti-vomiting tablets and Anti-Spasm Tablets are a must. Also a good SPF protection Sunscreen cream/lotion preferably 50+ is very important. Above all don’t forget to carry an Insect or mosquito repellant cream. For other conditions it is easy to get medicines in India. You will get most of the common over-the-counter medicines without the need of any prescription.

Proper Clothes

India is hot so, it is always advisable to take cotton clothing which is breathable. Wear loose clothes for men Kurtas or cotton shirts are the best ones. Women can go with cotton Salwar or Kurtis which are perfect as per Indian weather. A pair of cotton trousers as well as simple cotton T-shirts too can be of great help. It’s a bit conservative in some areas (especially small towns and rural area). So, women better avoid clothes that show off the bare knees, shoulder or cleavage. If you want to avoid unwanted attention. Also, women do carry a scarf to cover your head in religious places.

Travel Documents

Apart from Passports, Visa and Tickets there are other things that are essential to be carried for a safe and peaceful travelling experience In India. Emergency contact number, Medical insurance, travel insurance, and travel vaccination certificates are a must in case of emergencies. Carry your International driving license if driving through India is in your plan. Keep the hotel address, photocopies of these documents handy so that in the event of any loss you can retrieve them. Tip: Scan and email the same to yourself or a family member for any further use.


Though these days there are a variety of luggage available. But while getting luggage make sure they come with straps. It will be easier for you to carry those. Padlocks or baggage locks are important. So, make it a point to bring locks and even chains to tie the baggage below the sit in the trains. Zip-lock bags of all size and shape can be a lot of help.

Maps and GPS

Maps are an important need. It’s a large country with every city or town has dingy roads and narrow streets. It’s best to get a map. Nowadays all the Smart phones come with this technology so that will be helpful. Get a guide book or local magazines that provide a lot of information about the place. Moreover, internet these days are of a lot of help you can always find a help there.

Travel Accessories

The first thing that you need to do while travelling to India is to get an International Multi Adapter Plug. Get a local Sim-Card which is easy to get. If you are carrying a laptop, camera or other expensive items then carry the bag with you always. If you don’t want to risk those getting stolen. A wide brim hat for sun protection and a local phrase book will spell to be an essential need. Hindi is a universally accepted language. So, learning some Hindi words will be of help. English too is widely spoken so there are lesser chances of getting lost in translation.

Some Toiletries

This is the land of Masalas and spices so while packing your toiletries don’t forget mouthwash. Talcum power is a great way to feel refreshed in the hot Indian Weather. But India has other weather conditions too so a light skin lotion or cream will come to a great help.

Female Hygiene

If you use tampons then it’s better to carry those. There are lesser chances of getting them in a regular medicine shop or other shops. Unless and until it is any specific store in a big city, tampons might not be an easy find. Sanitary Napkins are the ones that are highly available and used by most of the women. So, getting the desired ones as per your need might be a bit difficult.

Comfortable Shoes

If you are an avid traveler who loves traveling by foot then comfort should a top priority in footwear. For men breathable sport shoes will work fine. Sandals and flip-flops are versatile if you think of visiting holy places. The same necessity goes well for women too but keeping the style need in mind. Carry some flat pumps or loafers which versatile too and serves a two-way purpose.

Extra Tips

These are some tips that come handy and turn out to be a savior.

  • Swiss knifes.
  • Bring a roll of toilet paper until you find those in India.
  • Paper soaps and hand sanitizer.
  • Always carry your own water.
  • Buy whole fruits if the food doesn’t suit your stomach. Muesli bars can also help in such a need.
  • Keep a pack of instant saline water.
  • Long-lasting deodorant to counter the sweat and odor.
  • Get the numbers of the local police station and embassy in case of emergencies.

There is no extensive list to travel in India. These are some must-haves that will help you to counter most of the issues. But if you still find some more prefer add those too. Let India amaze you. Happy India Travel!