Planning a wedding involves a lot of sacrifice regarding time, resources and ideas. Running up and down trying to put everything in place is one the difficult task that the couples experience. All this is to ensure that it will be a momentous period in their lives.

During the wedding day, we celebrate and leave newlywed to enjoy their honeymoon period. A honeymoon is a much awaited holiday for all newlyweds. For you to have a wonderful time during this period, you need to find a peace gateway where you can reinvent yourself after all the hassle and planning.

India is country that provides peaceful honeymoon gateways that you may love. Some of the places include are:

1. Auroville

India honeymoon destinations make sure that you have a wonderful time with your spouse. It is commonly known as ‘City of Dawn’. People from all walks of life come to Auroville to celebrate their honeymoon. You can find this peaceful place near the union territory of Puducherry. In Auroville, you can meditate and experience the peace of mind that you need.

It provides a romantic view to surprise your partner too. You will love the metallic gold sphere and impressive lawns of grass that you can have a decision to have a picnic staring at the sky. You can acquire peace and engage in healing courses for you to feel even more energized.

2. Champawatt

To celebrate your vocation and still rejuvenate your body at the same time, you need to be the spectacular place. It is the home of nature and beauty. It is a spending place surrounded by water and hills as it gives you a perfect place to take your partner. Champawatt is famous for its beauty and religious site located inside Uttarakhand.

Touring around this place means exploring the fantastic landscape and terraced field temples and forts. You will enjoy everything from the climate, wildlife, and nature.

3. Tosh

For you to have the good memories you must carefully chose the best place to spend your honeymoon. Tosh is a honeymoon destination with thriving adventure and extraordinary landscape. Various hilltops experiences will bring a peaceful sensation while in Tosh.

This beautiful village is perfect to dance away your worries. It contains green lands surrounding and snow mountains that have freshwater lakes. During the snow seasons, you can play with snowballs and roll over the snow on the ground.

Surrounded by mountains on all sided, Tosh is the best place to have your honeymoon vacations.

4. Pangong Tso

Searching for a quiet place to visit during your honeymoon in India, then Pangong TSO is the place. Honeymoon period reduces stress and bring a celebration feeling too. You will get to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. This place is located in Ladakh where you can have a clear view of the birds and animals which come at the lake.

You can also take pictures of the animals and feel the fresh atmosphere.

5. Dzukou Valley

India has various places to make you enjoy the fullness of life, and one such place is Dzukou valley. For those people who are adventurous and always looking for something new, you are covered. It is also called the valley of flowers.

Dzukou valley is found in the Northeast of India. With green pasture land and beautiful flowers, this valley gives you the calmness you need. This place also has caves that you can explore and have a walk inside together with chirpy streams. The perfect time to visit is June to September.

6. Sarnath

It is one of the favorite places known in India though very few people visit. Sarnath is the place where Buddha preached the first sermon and therefore known as the holiest Hindu city. In Sarnath, you can relax and survey Buddhist stupas. Different artifacts at the museum will also amaze you.

In Sarnath you can mediate and have a cleansing period during your honeymoon.

7. Silent Valley Vational Park

Most newlyweds love a calm place away from the crowded cities full of noise. It has Rainforest Mountains that has animals like lions and birds among many others. Looking at animals and taking pictures for future memories is just a romantic way to spend during your honeymoon.

Silent Valley is among the top ten peaceful destinations in India. It provides quietness and makes you open your ears only to the nature melodies. On the other hand, it is home for animals like Malabar Giant Squirrels and lion-tailed Macaque. The best time to visit is November and March.

8. Lansdowne

The natural beauty of this town brings a fantastic quietness that you require after months of ups and downs. It is crowd-free place suitable for a romantic vacation. This hill station is one of the quiet and comfortable destinations for tourist since way back. It is clean and well maintained for you to enjoy your stay away from pollution.

There are different types of birds that you can see while you enjoy the cool breeze from the pine trees.

9. Orchha

Having your honeymoon in India is the best to create good memories. This historical place is located at the border of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. It has the most ancient historical monuments that you will enjoy visiting while you are taking a walk. Enjoy the serenity of the village with your partner any time of the year.

You can enjoy trekking, cycling, and rafting in Orchha.

10. Key Monastery

This place mimics a honeycomb with the fortress architecture. This place is old but still brings that tranquility that partners need away from their busy lives. It is the best place to meditate and stare at the natural beauty of the land.

Furthermore, Key Monastery is close to the airport and therefore easily accessible anytime. If you want to focus this honeymoon destination will help you by the stillness it provides. You don’t have to worry about where to go for a peaceful honeymoon, and Key Monastery will suit to your satisfaction and make you feel at home.

Have a peaceful honeymoon with your partner and enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the above places. All you need to know is the absolute place to spend more and quality time that will be filled with super memories that you can narrate in future.

It is good to have a unique way that you can have fun when you are newlyweds. You don’t have to visit noisy restaurants that make you have a headache after months of preparation. Choose to relax and let every worry fade away.