India has an abundance of lush greenery. With, varied climatic conditions and topographies India is endowed with different landscapes. One of the common landscape and topographies are hill stations. Each and every state in India has a hill station which is equally breathtaking than the other. Even the Southern part of India is blessed with some verdant hill stations that are a must visit when in India. These hill stations in South India are popular, beautiful and close to the nature.

Ooty, Tamil Nadu

One of the most beautiful and India’s favorite Southern paradise is Ooty. The hill speaks history and beauty in its every scent. Started as a British Tea plantation settlement this place slowly became the Southern delight. The lakes, viewpoints and flowers here are something that can fill anybody’s mood with delight. A road trip to Ooty is also an experience to remember. The hill station is quietly tucked in the lusciousness of the Nilgiris. Once there do take the heritage train ride from Ooty to Conoor by the Nilgiri Mountain Railways. Taste some local made chocolates in the Ooty chocolate factory. Or enjoy some freshly brewed tea from the local tea estates in Ooty. This place Oozes delight and charm in every step.

Munnar, Kerala

Kerala is not only famous for its backwaters. But this place has some beautiful and splendid hill stations. Among all these places Munnar tops the list. The lush greenery of Munnar and mystic hills is a sight to behold. Munnar is famous for its spice and coffee plantations. You can actually take a trip in the plantations and get mesmerized by the overwhelming aroma of these exotic natural ingredients. The lakes and waterfalls found here can leave an everlasting charm on you.

Coorg Karnataka

A hilly range in Karnataka that is nestled in the laps of the Western Ghats. The hills surrounding Coorg is the best in terms of trekking. You can either camp there or enjoy the serenity of the mountains in a wood rattling bonfire. Let the wood, sparkling waters and the brooks whisper the beauty that this Scotland of South India offers. The road trips around the various places in Coorg is a delight for an avoid traveler. Also the cuisine of Coorg is super popular. So, don’t forget to indulge in the yummy non-vegetarian delectable that you can have here.

Ananthagiri Hills, Telengana

Next stop is the panoramic landscape in Telengana. It’s a perfect gateway to soothe your senses all the year round. The lush greenery that ravishes this landscape is a sight unforgettable. It has numerous waterfalls which can give our senses quite a stir. The coffee plantations around the area are another attraction that you shouldn’t give a miss. The unspoiled meadows and mangrove forests are yet to experience tourism. So, before it gets all tied up go down and enjoy the pristine atmosphere in Ananthagiri.

Araku Valley

One of those valleys in Andhra Pradesh that has become very popular in the recent years. The salubrious climate and the fertile landscape are is characteristics. The serene beauty of this valley is fascinating. But if you want more to your Araku adventure, then the nearby Tyda Park can be a great spot. Other than its beauty Araku has made a name for being the least polluted hill station in India. Take a stroll down the thrilling woods and feel the chill of being in proximity of nature. Feel the aroma of the huge coffee plantation of Araku valley and get lost in the nature’s magic.

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

Just 25kms from Ooty is this small tea plantation parish of Coonoor. The air here breathes in stillness. A laid back settlement Coonoor is a solace seeker’s paradise. The weather is comparative moderate here than Ooty. But the charm of being away from the tourism and buzz makes it even more appealing. A walk through the streets with the view of tea plantations everywhere feels like poetry.

Vythiri, Kerala

This is another stunning hill station in Kerala that is relaxing and refreshing. Every spot here oozes exquisiteness. It’s a perfect spot for the couples to enjoy with each other with nature being their witness. The place is folded in the shelves of Sylvan Northern ranges and is pollution-free. If the charming climate isn’t enough, then make sure to experience the legend and history that this place has to offer.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

It’s a great weekend destination for couples and families around. The grassy hills and the picturesque hideaways have been attracting travelers since long. The waterfalls, forests, lakes and grasslands are the perfect places to breathe in its sanctity. Don’t forget to take a trek to the nearby hill tops. The boating in the Kodal Lake is a very popular attraction.

Ponmudi, Kerala

This tranquil hill station is a perfect place to get lost in the summers. The greenery and the misty valleys are a treat in the damning summer. It takes around 61kms to reach Ponmudi from Kerala. The salubrious atmosphere and lush grasslands is a treat for the nature lover. The nearby Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is laden with rich flora and fauna. But if nature escapade is not enough, then take pleasure in the museums filled with history.

Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

1500mts above the sea level Yercaud is also known as the Lake Forest. It is an affordable hill station in South India. The green slopes and the alluring calm atmosphere is the feature of this place. Often termed as the Ooty of the poor the hill station is very popular among the young generation who are a regular crowd here. The orange groves and the coffee plantation shouldn’t be missed. The misty atmosphere of Yercaud is definitely a sight to behold.

Interestingly, Southern India is endowed with many hill stations. Some of them are very popular whereas others are still termed as weekend gateways. But these hill stations are definitely a respite in India’s hot temperature. So, which hill station has taken your breath away?