India is a country in South Asia, and it is 7th most prominent country in the world. It is a country with great history and an overwhelming culture altogether. It is also the second most populated country compared to the others.

If you want to experience life, you must visit India as it has large tourist attraction sites and landscapes that are breathtaking. India is a unique country, and there are things that you can only see while in India alone. It is both a fascinating and exciting country that one cannot lack words to explain.

Many people associate India with poverty, but let me remind you that this country was the wealthiest country before the British rule. It has since grown to be a democratic country that everyone is welcomed to visit at any time.

The following are impressive things about India:

1. Multilingual

India is a home of Multilanguage. There are 415 local languages listed by Ethnologue that are spoken in India. Natives of India spend their time with tourists who have come to visit the country and thus they are forced to learn the different languages.

To have a conversation with a person from another origin, you need to know his or her language first. Indians have taken into consideration, and they have started learning and conversing in various languages.

A modern Indian can be found in different universities where they learn more than their local language.

2. Has Enormous cities

Indian cities have broken the record of hosting so many people. For example, New Delhi, the capital town of India alone has 18 million people living in the city making it a large metropolitan area in India. This number of people is more significant than the population of people in some country. Isn’t that cool!

Mumbai on the other hand has 23 million people in the city. Imagine now the number of people in the cities that have not been mentioned.

3. National Kabaddi

This national team has worn all the world cups. This is the coolest thing about India that many Indians are proud. It has won Kabaddi world cups from time in memorial, and no team has ever defeated them at any time throughout all tournaments both for men and for the women.

4. First president

Indian first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad took only 50% of his salary from the time he went into power. He ruled for 12 years, and all this time he just enjoyed half of his salary. To make it even more interesting, towards the end of his 12 years, he took 25% claiming that he did not require more. This is so cool considering that his salary was INR 10, 0000.

5. A Spa for Elephant

Elephants are common animals found in India. You can get elephants wandering by the road like any other animals. In India, these animals are trained to be friendly to humans. The locals also treasure them as they perform different types of activities like farming, entertainment and, transport.

People use elephants sports as some are said even to play football. They compete amongst each other, and the winner is crowned. These sports are also a way to bring the community together.

Due to this, Indians have come up with a way to make these animals feel even more honored among human beings. The pets are bathed, massaged, and they are given food at the Punnathoor Cotta yard Rejuvenation center.

6. The Second largest country in the world that speaks English

You may not believe, but one of the coolest things about India is that it the second country from the USA that many people speak English. Around 125 million people talk about this language quickly. Amazingly, the number is set to proliferate in the years to come.

Many schools and universities in India use English to teach, and this has made urban people converse in English either work or at home. Today many children are inspired to go to school where lessons are taught in English and not in other languages.

It has become a home of pioneers as it was accorded that status in 1987. India is the second biggest country that has produced Engineers and scientist.

7. World’s biggest producer of milk

Cows in India are valued, and you cannot dare mistreat them as they are considered sacred. Cows are used for farming just like elephants; they can also be found roaming on the roads freely with their caretaker.

India has recently taken over from European Union as the country that produces milk in plenty all over the world. In 2014 Indi produced 132.4 tons of milk hence the coming of Chai. This can also play a big role in the country’s economy.

8. Hosts the world’s largest school

Education is greatly embraced in India. As stated in the Guinness Book of World’s Record, Montessori School in Lucknow in India has the most students that no one can imagine. It has 39,438 pupils and, 2,500 teachers in total and the number is increasing as years are passing.

The population searching for knowledge has made India to be recognized all over the world. It is famous to produce qualified doctors and surgeons that are well known all over the globe. Most people travel all the way to India to get treatment for diseases like cancer.

9. The world’s highest post office

Post offices are responsible for mailing services like sending and receiving of mails. India has grown to be the host of the world’s largest postal network with 1, 55,618 postal offices. Apart from that, India has a post office that is located at 155, 015 feet in Sikkim district.

Many people in India use the postal office in their daily activities like sending a letter and receiving documents from the different department. It is also a mode of communication. One post office serves a total of 7, 175 people. The highest post office even referred to as floating office was founded in 2011 in Dal Lake.

10. First Rocket in India

The most incredible, dangerous yet, cool about India is that the first rocket was transported on a bicycle. India is known for doing crazy things that cannot fathom.  A rocket is a device that if handle wrongly can sweet away the entire country yet India transported using a bicycle.

Gladly, it arrived safely, and nobody got hurt. Since then the country has launched like 350 more rockets into the air and it still working on to launch many others. An achievement that India should be proud!