Pattaya. Take this name and close your eyes for a moment. You will have a picture of sun- kissed beaches, vibrant people, and cheerful vibes. Rose to fame in 1980, Pattaya has been present in many people’s bucket lists.
Whether it’s hot and happening Walking Street or golden sand beaches, Pattaya has a lot to offer for the wanderlust souls. No matter to which age group you belong, Pattaya always has something or other to offer you and entertain you. This is what makes it a special and appealing tourist places.  
 But, if you want to make your Pattaya visit more than just an ordinary visit and memorable for life, this article is what you should refer to.

When to visit Pattaya- Ideal time and weather to explore this wonder

Your visit to Pattaya can be bliss or a mess depending upon the time you travel. Pattaya is a costal-city and like any other tropical place, it can be too sunny and sweaty during certain times of the calendar. So, you must avoid traveling during that period if you want to have a gala time on your Pattaya visit. The best time to visit Pattaya is from the November beginning and February end. You will love the vibes of this place during this time. While a major part of the world would be sweeping under the blankets during this period, Pattaya‘s beaches will welcome with open arms.

There are many reasons why traveling during this period would be bliss. Some of them are:

Pleasant weather- During this time of the year, the sun won’t be so harsh and you will not spend half of your travel to wipe out the sweat fro-m your forehead. The average temperature remains ideal enough that you can step-out without any worries.

Celebratory vibes- With Christmas and New Year around the corner, Pattaya would be in the party mood all day long. The whole city would be lit up and nights on the beaches have whole new highs. You will never feel bored and monotonous during this time as there is always something happening.

Activities to do during this time

 As we have told you that November to February is the best time to explore every bit of Pattaya, there is an endless list of activities that you can do during this time of the year. We have come with a few major ones for you.

 Explore the captivating corals at Koh Larn Coral Island -Koh Larn Coral Island is your gateway to amazing and astonishing coral life. The white sand, transparent blue water, and thrilling water sports, everything about this island is fantastic and can’t be missed out. You can go for scuba diving or spot corals in glass-bottom boats. 

Also, the beaches are ideal to try your hand in snorkeling, swimming, windsurfing, parasailing, jet-skiing, and surfing. Don’t forget to relish over delicious seafood and refreshing beverages here. 

 Explore Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines- Returning back to home from Pattaya without visiting Chanthaburi Sapphire Mines would be like ending the Sunday’s brunch without the sundae. This sapphire mine is famed across the world and you can explore it via a guided tour. 

 Visit Satchatham Temple- Standing tall to the north of Wongamat Beach, this temple is a famous tourist destination that you can’t miss out while you are in this part of the world.

 The pristine Jomtien Beach- While most of the Pattaya beaches would be over- crowded, Jomtien Beach is the ultimate destination for tranquillity. Here, you will find peace and pleasure in one go.

 Sriracha Tiger Zoo- If you are a wildlife lover then you will surely love this place. Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the ideal place to acquaint with the diverse and vivid wildlife that co-exists with us on this planet. 

 The magnificent Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical- If there is any eye-pleasant sight in Pattaya then it is only Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical garden. Here, you will find various varieties of flowers and trees that will fill your heart with glee.
Apart from this, if you’re looking for a budget Pattaya trip then visit during monsoon is also a good option. During this time, you can have luxurious accommodations at pocket-friendly.
The monsoon in this part of the world starts from June to October. During this time, the weather is quite moderate. Neither it would be too hot nor does it make you sweat like crazy. 
If you’re a kind of traveler who wants to explore the world without the crowd then this time is ideal for you as beaches would be less crowded during this time. 
The blossomed nature will woo your heart for sure. The quaintness of nature and be experienced during this time.  

 Activities to do during monsoon 

 When it’s raining outside, you’re not bound to stay indoors. There are many activities in and around Phuket that you can do and you keep yourself entertained. Here is a quick list. 
 Pay a visit to the island’s museum- Museums like Tin Mining Museum, the Thai Hua History Museum, and the Seashell Museum are good options to explore during the monsoon season. 
 Visit Underwater World Pattaya- Just as the land life of Pattaya is fun-filled and exciting, it’s the underwater world is also equally bestowing. During monsoon, it blossoms in full swing. You can get a chance to witness the beauty of marine life at Underwater World Pattaya. This aquarium is one-of-it-own kind and gives you out of this world experience. You can actually feel the marine life in its touch pool section. It’s a true delight. 
 Enjoy the fantastic shows of Pattaya- The ladyboy shows of Pattaya are something that you can’t miss. Shows like Alcazar, Tiffany’s, and KAAN are the most famed ones. 

When not to travel Pattaya  

So, now you’re aware of when to travel to Pattaya. Learning about when not to travel to Pattaya is going also important. Well, the summer season is what should never pick to visit Pattaya. With temperature as high as 40 degrees Celsius, summers in Pattaya will roast you for sure. Summers down here stay from March to May. 
During this time, the humidity can be as high as 82% and this ruins the whole fun of traveling and visiting within the city. Traveling during time is not at all recommended unless you love beaches for tanning only.
Be a part of the Songkran Water Festival – Though the summers of Pattaya can be a bit harsh on you, there is always some silver lining. The only good thing that happens during this time is the Songkran Water Festival. This festival is celebrated every year in the month of April from the 13th to the 15th on the occasion of the Thai New Year. 
 Throwing water on each other is the traditional custom of this festival. During the month of April, the sun would be a bit harsh and a splash of water makes you feel better. You will love
the vibes of Pattaya during this one week’s time.  Take the feel of winters at the peak of the summers- Other than this; you also visit the Frost Magical Ice of Siam in Pattaya. Recently opened in 2016, this magical ice kingdom is a great way to beat the heat. Your kids will love every bit of it. While the temperature of the outside can be as high as 40 ºC, here you can freeze at a sub-zero temperature. There are waterslide and the Love Ice Bar onsite to make this place more happening and exciting. 
Take a ride in a water park- Do doesn’t want to go to a water park during summers? We all love doing so. And the fun of water park doubles when it’s based on cartoon theme. Pattaya swells with the pride as it has world’s very first or the kids in the group or for those who are really young at heart, Pattaya has the world’s first cartoon network themed amusement and
water park, Cartoon Network Amazone. Though visiting it all around the year would be fun, the kind of relief you feel during summers has no match. There are many fun-filled rides like Alien Attack, Banana Spin, Cartoonival, Goop Loop, and many more to give you adrenal rush.
If you’re traveling Pattaya with your kids then you can also attend the live shows that are performed by different Cartoon Network characters. Your kids will happy to a personal encounter with Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, and Gumball & Darwin.

Do’s and Don’ts of your Pattaya trip 

Now that you are aware of what is the best season to visit Pattaya and what all you can explore during that time of the year, it’s time to learn about some do’s and don’ts to be followed during your Pattaya trip. Doing so is important if you wish to have a hassle-free trip.


 Show respect to the Royal family. Thais are very possessive for the Royal family and expect respect for them regardless of the fact that you’re a tourist or not. 
 Show respect to nay monks or Buddha’s image.
 Carry mosquito repellents as Pattaya as an open sewage system that sends an open invitation to the mosquitos and diseases like dengue and malaria.

 Negotiate the price for taxi or Tuk-Tuk beforehand.   
 Always have a company when you pass from quiet and deserted streets and areas.


 Don’t visit the night clubs if you’re traveling with the family and kids. 
 Don’t enter anyone’s house or any temple with your shoes on. 
 Don’t just enter into any message center. You can get duped. 
 Don’t get lured by the easily available drugs. 

Know the visa requirements 

 If you are a foreign national then you would require a visa to enter any other country and Pattaya is no exception. As Pattaya is an island in Thailand country, you need to get a visa to Thailand. However, the visa process in Thailand is tourist-friendly and you can get it once
you reach here. 
A prior visa is not required. Once you reach Bangkok airport, you can apply for a visa-on- arrival, pay a fee of around 1000 Bahts, and your tourist visa would be in your hands. 

 What to pack for the Pattaya trip? 

Pattaya is one destination that will woo to such extent that you will have a hard time to leave this place and come back to your home. 
A week is a minimum time that tourists spend here and you need some basic stuff for that time. Though you will get the majority of stuff in the Pattaya’s market, having your own well-packed bag has its own pleasure. So, here is our Pattaya’s packing list. 
 A good quality bag-pack- When you would be out to explore Pattaya, you will leave in the morning and come back when it’s late. A good quality bag pack is what you would need to keep some basic stuff by your side. 
 Sunscreen and shades- Being a tropical destination, Pattaya can give you suntan in abundance. So, don’t forget to get sunscreen and shades. 
 Shorts and t-shirts- Your Spyker’s jeans and Peter England’s shirts are not meant for Pattaya. It’s a place where you will love wearing your shorts and light cotton t-shirts. 
 Earplugs and eye mask- Pattaya is a noisy place and hardly remains dull and quiet during the night. But, you will need a good night’s sleep after all the traveling. Earplugs and eye masks would be your life savior here. 
 Shoe spray or odor-removal powder- As Pattaya is hot and humid, it can make your shoes stink badly and you will definitely need shoe spray or odor-removal powder.

Final words 

 Pattaya is indeed a happening tourist destination and can keep you entertained in ways that you can’t imagine. However, for a dream-come-true trip to Pattaya, you need to stay informed about the ideal time to visit there and what to do and what’s not. All the above- mentioned tips are going to be a great help and make your Pattaya trip memorable. 
 So, pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready to explore this wonderful destination.