I bet it is more than often we think of quitting our jobs and be a traveller, forever! And the times when we almost are, reality cross checks us. Probably, travelling is the best teacher one can ever get in their life. You see things, you hear things, and you experience things. And not every one of them is quite pleasant ones! So, if you are a beginner in the field of travelling, a few travel hacks will never hurt, right?

Admit it or not, India is a tough country to travel smoothly. Not only that it is diverse but travelling in India goes by some inner secrets as well. If you don’t know the rules, you cannot certainly play along. So, why not check the travel hacks first and pack the bag later? Keep reading!

15 Travel Hacks – List it Out!

1. Go Vegan!

It does not matter in which country you are travelling to; this slogan applies everywhere! India is known for its spices, and if you are from a Western country, it is best to go for some light vegetarian food. Vegetarian foods are easily available, and they are much cheaper than non-vegetarian food as well.

2. The Chaos of traffic

Most of the Indian cities are known for its chaos of traffic. Even in a big city like Delhi or Bangalore, it can take 2 hours to drive 2 kilometres during the weekdays. So, choose the best medium to travel wisely. Instead of a car, it is best to travel by metro or train.

3. The Bargain Art

Travelling and shopping always go hand in hand. But shopping can India can rob you blind if you don’t possess the art of bargaining. Most of the local shops try to charge tourists double the actual price of a thing, and if you don’t bargain, you are done. So, bargain away and never show your desperation!

4.Avoid street food and tap water

Street foods seem the most delicious food in any Indian city, don’t they? But street foods are the unhealthiest form of food one can ever get. So, if you are not quite comfortable with Indian food and weather, it is best to avoid every kind of Indian street foods. Also, street tap water is a complete no-no. Always buy sealed bottled water if you are thirsty.

5. Separate your cash sources

Never put all of your money, debit and credit cards in your wallet! That is the dumbest thing one can ever do. Always keep your cash in different places such as some cash in your wallet and some in your shoes etc. Also, do not carry a large amount of liquid cash with you. ATMs are quite available in every Indian city. But if you are travelling to any rural place, it is important to keep the liquid cash.

6. Don’t sleep too much!

If you are travelling alone in a bus or train, don’t sleep too much. And when you do, always tuck your hands in the handles of your belongings to keep them safe! In India, it is always better to travel in a group or at least with another person.

7. Get hostels and guest houses instead of hotels

The hostel community is growing in India and most of the big cities; you will find comfortable hostels at a low price. Also, it is better to stay at guest houses if you can’t find any hostels. It is one of the best ways to save money.

8. Get travel insurance

It is one of the most important things to do if you are travelling to India. Travel insurance is an absolute necessity whenever you are travelling to a different country, especially India.

9. Be respectful of the local customs

India is a country of cultural diversity, and every other region has their customs and rituals to play by. And it is better to be respectful towards their local traditions and rituals while you are travelling because in this way you will get more help from the local people.

10. Try to learn their language

India has more than 22 major languages; thus it is not convenient for tourists to learn them at once. However, you can try one or two languages such as Hindi etc. It is easier to get help from local people if you can speak in their language.

11. Keep track of weather

From culture to weather, India is a country of diversity. So, if you are travelling from far south to far north, be prepared for a major weather change. Thus, keep your clothes handy to keep up with any weather change.

12. Keep your documents safe

While you are travelling in India, it is essential to keep your passport, visa and other travel documents safe. Always have a scanned copy of these documents on your laptop or phone because if you lose these documents in India, it might need a lot of time to get them back.

13. Don’t rely too much on Google Maps

It is true that without Google maps, travelling is kind of impossible but that is not always true when you are in India. Indian cities have extreme suburbs and alleys that are not always shown on Google Maps, and it might mislead you even more. Thus, it is best to get help from any local people.

14. Always have packaged food!

From the point of view of convenience or saving some extra bucks, packaged foods can be your best friends when you are travelling. It saves your time and sometimes your tongue to taste something weird.

15. Travel at night!

If you are travelling a long distance and don’t have any sight-seeing points in between, it is the best to travel at night. From the point of view of safety, it is not the best option to avail cars at night in India; thus always go for public buses or trains. In this way, you will have the whole day for yourself!

No amount can travel hacking list can ever compete with the real-life experience. So, go out and travel fearlessly. Just remember the basic safety hacks, and you are all set!