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About Us

In 2005, when the trio of us vacated on Uttarakhand for a mere Rs. 3100/person on a 10 days trip. We had to share it with our friends and when we did and shown them photos of our hotels, the scenery, the river rafting, the temples and I don’t remember what else, they were blown away by no bounds. Why, because the usual price for a 10 days trip in those days was at least 5500/person. It wasn’t just this one trip, it had always been so, we always managed to travel across 29 countries by 2019 for way cheaper costs than a regular person does. No, we’re by no means backpackers; we didn’t cut on our luxuries. It was always a 4* to 5* category of travel.

Sharing with’em our travel stories and photo collections on our digital camera, mind you, there was no Instagram or Snapchat back then; a lot of our friends asked us to take them on our next trip with us. Thence, just a year later, from 3 we turned 12, it was mostly friends. We had literally no idea where we heading with this, from 12 it then turned to 33 and then without even us knowing we were kind of stars in our small little town of Mandsaur.

Man, being a Marwari, we always had a knack for travel and travelling on a shoestring budget with no compromise on luxury was our thing. We knew we had cracked the code.

You guys know how money minded can Marwaris be, a few of our friends suggested us to hop on the train of travel agency and let the luxury of affordable travel be spread out to the local populace too, you know, for the benefit of mankind.

In 2016, 10 years after we held our offline strong ground, we decided to shift to the ongoing big thing, Online Travel Agency (OTA). We believe in achieving what we set our mind to, no matter the cost. In 2006, we set our mind to the Malwa demographics, and won the battlefield with flying colors and blowing conchshells. In 2016 it was OTA, and I dare lie to you, we’ve sent about 3900+ enthusiastic humans on their fantastic vacations solemnly acquired through online channels.

Give us your hand, we’ll give you a taste of our expertise in return. We’ll make your holidays far more enjoyable than anyone else could do. We challenge it, and that has always been the case.